Under the Copyright Act, your original works of literary, dramatic musical or artistic, are automatically protected by copyright. Generally, copyright forbids anyone to copy a work for which you are the author without your permission.

This protection is also valid in most foreign countries that are members of the following group:

  • the Berne Convention on copyright ;
  • the Universal Convention on copyright ;
  • the Rome Convention ;
  • the World Trade Organization on trade.
  • Registering your copyright in Canada: It is not necessary to register a copyright in Canada.
  • Assignment or license: You can ask your copyright or license of use to third parties.

Source: Government of Quebec | Portail Québec


The copyright term literally means the right to copy, and includes all forms of reproduction, publication, public performance and other uses.

The copyright responsability of international laws that protects “intellectual property”. These laws, which vary from country to country, also apply to patents, trademarks, industrial designs and trade secrets.

In short, copyright protects the expression of original ideas, but not the information itself. This expression is called “work” or, in the case of photos and illustration, “artistic work”. Copyright consists of a set of rules on how the work is used.

Copyright is based on a simple principle: one that creates or possesses a work can control how it is used. To be protected by copyright, the work must be:

  • an original, and not a copy of an existing work ;
  • fixed, eg exist in a concrete form (eg. physical, visual, electronic).

Moreover, the work must have been created by a citizen or resident of Canada, or in connection with any country signatory to the Berne Convention or other international treaty protecting copyright, or have been published for the first time in such a country.

Canadian Law on copyright applies to works performed in Canada. When a work created in Canada is used in another country, it is protected by the law of copyright in that country.

Source: CAPIC Montréal

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